Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Moving over...

As of today, well maybe tomorrow, I'm gonna put this blog on the self...

Reason being.... My other blog is taking up all my time.. Not that i mind, I love that people love my other blog so much, but that doesn't leave me much time to write about the books i read.

Doesn't mean i don't wanna read books or wanna tell you about it... it just means that, that (as in writing about books) is gonna happen right there at Four Leaf Clover Tales if it is gonna happen at all!

Soooo if you are not following Four Leaf Clover Tales yet... i hope you hop over and  be my friend there! You would make me a very happy girl!

Thanks and see you on the other side of the fence... with all the other girls!



  1. Just popped in to say thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog Arlene and Tango's tales, I've joined your other blog and will look forward to see what you get up to,, not tonight though as it's way past my bedtime, i'm burning the midnight oil trying to catch up, that;s the reason i'm late in replying , sorry.