How it all started....

I started really reading when i was eleven years old. Of course
I read before, for school, to make my parents happy and to
impress my grandma, but i REALLY started reading at

By the time i was thirteen i pretty much read all Stephen King
novels ever written because, that were without a doubt, my favorites.

You have to know we lived in a small town in The Netherlands
and every Friday I would ride my bike to the center of town to
practice handball, kinda like soccer but no feet but hands are
involved. I wasn't very good at it but i loved my friends and
they all played so, so did I.

I would bring a knife with me on my bike ride over to town,
just in case... It was after all 2.5 miles on little back roads...

After reading one of Stephen Kings short stories about a
horrible man who was on a rampage to kill a whole family,
including the horse and the dog, but left the mommy to live
because she had her period, (the terrible man could not
kill anything that was that un-pure)...

After reading that book I would ride my bike to practice on
Friday's WITHOUT my knife whenever i had my period!

Ha! Those bad men wouldn't touch me on those days so why
bring my knife....

Books can impact a persons life just like a song can, a beautiful
book makes your life shine, a lovely book makes you love the
people around you a bit more, a depressing book makes you
appreciate you're life. A scary book makes you feel like
a little girl or gives you strength to face your demons.

I love to read, and now I'm gonna share my love with you!
But please, no bicycling on back roads without protection...