Thursday, January 27, 2011

Let Me In

Why picked this book...

I loved the cover!  No, I didn't notice that the girl doesn't have any footsteps
and the boy does.... No, I didn't notice she is standing in a little pool of
blood... and No, I had no idea it was about vampires otherwise I probably
wouldn't have picked this book up....

I have read enough vampire books for the next 20 years I would say, so
I prefer something without vampires/werewolves etc!!! But I REALLY
liked the cover!

Pretty quick I found out it was indeed about vampires but it was also about
a friendship between two kids (or they seem to be kids anyway) and the most
interesting part, it's also about bullying, hmmm that's a hard word to spell,
anyway you know what I'm talking about. Hundreds of commercials on TV
and Dr Phil, Ellen and Oprah have devoted episodes on bullying and this book
just grabs the essence of bullying and what it does to the victims.

The book was difficult to read, difficult to understand and very sad but
i loved the end and i think it was a wonderful story.

I got this book at Walmart for 11.19 two weeks ago and i thought
that was a good deal.

Overall i would rate this book at an 8 and if the author writes more
books, even if they are about vampires i would read them again.

I wouldn't give this book as a gift to somebody who never reads and is
NOT into the vampire stuff, but if they are and they like to read, it's
a little treasure to have on your bookshelf.

Favorite passage in the book;
And running right through this there was an underlying anger at the fact
that one person, one single person, could have the power to dominate
so many people's lives simply through his evil and his... ability to
stave off death.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Calvin & Hobbes

My little sister used to live in England for a couple of years
and one day she brought me a present. It was a comic book
about a little boy and his imaginary friend.
This friend was actually his  stuffed little tiger that he would
drag everywhere and come upon great adventures.

In Holland we didn't really know these cartoons, we had
other Dutch ones but to please my sister i figured i would read
it and see what she was all  heated up about.

We'll i opened the book and could not stop reading and
LAUGHING! Halfway true the middle i was considering:
running to the bathroom because i was about to pee my pants,
pee my pants and deal with it later or just STOP
reading these cartoons!

I made it to the bathroom in time, the trade off was i took my
cartoon with me...

On my birthday last year, or two years ago (getting older yes), i got the whole
series and i have noticed everybody who reads it loves it as much as i do.
Kids, teens and adults. So yes, i could recommend anybody, go online or to
your local Barnes & Noble and get yourself some laughing poison in
the shape of a book.

After all laughing is the best medicine!

And from now on.... hehe.... i will start with a Wordless Wednesday and
post some of my favorite Calvin & Hobbes cartoons...

Monday, January 17, 2011

L.A. Candy

Nothing wrong with a real girly girl book!?

So i got L.A. Candy because just as most ladies,
my age.... and quite a bit younger ladies than me... watched The Hills
and Laguna Beach. Although the maybe don't want to admit that
they did. I always asked permission from my husband or secretly
watched on Sunday evenings when he went to the farm...

So I watch this totally crazy series called The Hills and I see
this pretty young lady who has to choose between her so called
boyfriend and a job opportunity in Paris (remember she is like a
fashion student or something, so Paris, France should sound amazing).
And o my gosh what do I see.... The, I fell off my swing girl, chooses
the boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was pissed for days, and i made sure my husband
was pissed too! How can a girl choose a boy over a career, i didn't get

.... then it came to my attention, besides reading books i like to peek at
the magazines in stores, that this stupid blond bimbo has written a book
Who am i to judge and not see if she can actually write...

I my humble opinion, she can't, but she can tell a great story, namely her
story (she can tell whoever is interviewing her that it's not about her, i
don't buy it) and it is really a girly girl story.

I didn't read it in 2 days but it was light and funny and i even picked up
the following book she "wrote" and i liked that too.

Also i figured out why she picked the boy over the job. Smart move
if you ask me: she did choose the boy because otherwise she would loose
her reality life show, theywouldn't follow her all the way to Paris, i think.
So she came across as a dumb little blond bimbo, but all the time she was
planning to dump the boyanyway and make a huge career for herself and
go live the good life.

Lauren Conrad I applaud you.

Good buy at Walmart for $10, and yes you can give this book to
anybody who is a girl or who wants to be a girl!

Favorite passage in the book;
Your not a total bitch

I would give this book a 7 on our scale of 1 to 10.


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Saving Max

Sometimes I get drawn back to the time i wanted to be a psychotherapist, a nun and even a truck driver...

And i stumble upon a book about a boy who's autistic, smart & emotionally
fragile and all these past occupations that i once wanted to preform, come
rushing back to me.... I get this inner voice (yeah i have one too) that says;
Let's read this book and see how disturbed this is going to get, and maybe
i can fix it, him or the whole world.

Saving Max is a great book, never heard about the author before but she
sounded awfully Dutch!? Antoinette van Heugten. Doesn't that sound
Dutch to you???

Anyway, the book is about a mom who has a teenage son, Max, who is
autistic but very smart. His condition is getting worse and she decides to
get him into this great psychiatric facility but it goes from bad to worse,
until they find Max beside a patient who has been murdered.

Very nice twistings at the end and yes very understandable emotions even
if you are not a mommy yet. But it wasn't a book that i just needed
to finish in two days, you can put it away and be happy the next day to
read a couple of pages more.

The book was about $15.00 at Kroger's and that sounds about right to me.

Favorite passage of the book;
Doaks stomps toward the door, muttering. "Women... Didn't God have
nothin' better to do?"

Hmm I had to think about what grade I would give this novel: A respectable
7, maybe I'm gonna read it again when I'm a mommy and it will turn into
an 8...?

Monday, January 10, 2011

The Hunger Games


The Hunger Games
Oh my gosh, i just read it in two days and yes it is over 370 pages, so
it wasn't because it was another short story!

There was no time to proper cook dinner or fore fill other "I'm a good
wife" duties, I wanted to go to bed to read my book!

Within the first 5 pages i was completely hooked. The story is about
Katniss (yeah i know strange name, but trust me there are stranger
names) who enters into the  annually held Hunger Games as an contestant
where several teens need to fight to the death while everything is being filmed
by "big brother" to entertain and make sure everybody stays in line of
what the guys in the Capitol want.

This book brings me back to my own childhood, we used to play in
the strip of trees behind our farm, carry self made arrows and bows
or sharp sticks, make pretend pasta of tall grasses and berries, and played
until it was dark or until our mom would call us in. Reading this book
made me feel like a kid again who thinks the whole world is against
her and needs all her abilities to survive.

Wonderful wonderful book! I ran to the store that same weekend to get
the second and third part of the trilogy, leaving my husband a little worried...

Its a great buy for your cousin/niece, mom/dad, brother/sister, friends
well pretty much everybody even if they don't like reading that much!
You'll get them hooked and the book at Walmart was just $9.00!?
My favorite passage from the book;
Without thinking, I pull an arrow from my quiver and sent it straight at
the Gamemakers table. I hear shouts of alarm ans people stumble back. The
arrow skewers the apple in the pigs mouth and pins it to the wall behind it.
Everyone stares at me in disbelief. "Thank you for your consideration,"
I say.

No thinking about this one! A straight 10 in my list!
I hope you enjoy it as much as i did...

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Full Dark, No Stars

What better way to start this off with a Stephen King book?!

Full Dark, No Stars is a book with a couple of short stories

1. 1922
2. Big Driver
3. Fair Extension
4. A good Marriage

Of course when i purchased the book i wasn't looking, I
usually go by book cover and name of the writer and didn't
see it were short stories until I was full into the first one...

I'm not good with short stories, I finish them to fast and they
don't last very long in my mind, to many other things going on,
I guess...

The story that did linger in my head was the second one,  Big
Driver.  About Tess a writer who has to give a lecture about her
books and gets directions to do a shortcut in order to get home
sooner to her beloved cat. Of course this goes terribly wrong and
she has to fight for her life.

The story was very twisting, very dark (hehe) and a surprising end
which always amazes me, because after reading maybe 50 Stephen
King books, every time i think i have figured him out.... NOT....

Overall a good buy, maybe a bit to expensive $25.00 but that just
might be because the longer the story the more the price can be
(in my head anyway).

Favorite passage in the book:
"7Up tastes good... like a cigarette should!" It came to her that 
that wasn't right, and even if it was, she should be singing something
better than f*cked-up advertising jingles while she had that pleasing
rasp in her voice; if you were going to be raped and left for dead in
a pipe with two rotting corpses, something good should come out
of it.

I would rate the whole book (all the stories included) a respectable 7.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Me and my knife, thanks to Stephen King

I started really reading when i was eleven years old. Of course
I read before, for school, to make my parents happy and to
impress my grandma, but i REALLY started reading at

By the time i was thirteen i pretty much read all Stephen King
novels ever written because, that were without a doubt, my favorites.

You have to know we lived in a small town in The Netherlands
and every Friday I would ride my bike to the center of town to
practice handball, kinda like soccer but no feet but hands are
involved. I wasn't very good at it but i loved my friends and
they all played so, so did I.

I would bring a knife with me on my bike ride over to town,
just in case... It was after all 2.5 miles on little back roads...

After reading one of Stephen Kings short stories about a
horrible man who was on a rampage to kill a whole family,
including the horse and the dog, but left the mommy to live
because she had her period, (the terrible man could not
kill anything that was that un-pure)...

After reading that book I would ride my bike to practice on
Friday's WITHOUT my knife whenever i had my period!

Ha! Those bad men wouldn't touch me on those days so why
bring my knife....

Books can impact a persons life just like a song can, a beautiful
book makes your life shine, a lovely book makes you love the
people around you a bit more, a depressing book makes you
appreciate you're life. A scary book makes you feel like
a little girl or gives you strength to face your demons.

I love to read, and now I'm gonna share my love with you!
But please, no bicycling on back roads without protection...

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Little testing going on here...

Hopefully this will work the way i want it to work.....

I know funny....

And hopefully tomorrow we can start with the real thing!?

Hope you all will follow my little new blog and tell me what
you think!