Monday, January 10, 2011

The Hunger Games


The Hunger Games
Oh my gosh, i just read it in two days and yes it is over 370 pages, so
it wasn't because it was another short story!

There was no time to proper cook dinner or fore fill other "I'm a good
wife" duties, I wanted to go to bed to read my book!

Within the first 5 pages i was completely hooked. The story is about
Katniss (yeah i know strange name, but trust me there are stranger
names) who enters into the  annually held Hunger Games as an contestant
where several teens need to fight to the death while everything is being filmed
by "big brother" to entertain and make sure everybody stays in line of
what the guys in the Capitol want.

This book brings me back to my own childhood, we used to play in
the strip of trees behind our farm, carry self made arrows and bows
or sharp sticks, make pretend pasta of tall grasses and berries, and played
until it was dark or until our mom would call us in. Reading this book
made me feel like a kid again who thinks the whole world is against
her and needs all her abilities to survive.

Wonderful wonderful book! I ran to the store that same weekend to get
the second and third part of the trilogy, leaving my husband a little worried...

Its a great buy for your cousin/niece, mom/dad, brother/sister, friends
well pretty much everybody even if they don't like reading that much!
You'll get them hooked and the book at Walmart was just $9.00!?
My favorite passage from the book;
Without thinking, I pull an arrow from my quiver and sent it straight at
the Gamemakers table. I hear shouts of alarm ans people stumble back. The
arrow skewers the apple in the pigs mouth and pins it to the wall behind it.
Everyone stares at me in disbelief. "Thank you for your consideration,"
I say.

No thinking about this one! A straight 10 in my list!
I hope you enjoy it as much as i did...


  1. Interesting. I want to talk to you more about your childhood someday! I may go pick this one up at the local Wally-World!

  2. Hi there!!!! thanks for coming to visit me and becoming a follower. This is a great blog.. I am excited to find a great place for book reviews and ideas.
    I love to read also.. but sometimes I get stuck in the same genre ~ romance. : )
    Have a great week.