Monday, January 17, 2011

L.A. Candy

Nothing wrong with a real girly girl book!?

So i got L.A. Candy because just as most ladies,
my age.... and quite a bit younger ladies than me... watched The Hills
and Laguna Beach. Although the maybe don't want to admit that
they did. I always asked permission from my husband or secretly
watched on Sunday evenings when he went to the farm...

So I watch this totally crazy series called The Hills and I see
this pretty young lady who has to choose between her so called
boyfriend and a job opportunity in Paris (remember she is like a
fashion student or something, so Paris, France should sound amazing).
And o my gosh what do I see.... The, I fell off my swing girl, chooses
the boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was pissed for days, and i made sure my husband
was pissed too! How can a girl choose a boy over a career, i didn't get

.... then it came to my attention, besides reading books i like to peek at
the magazines in stores, that this stupid blond bimbo has written a book
Who am i to judge and not see if she can actually write...

I my humble opinion, she can't, but she can tell a great story, namely her
story (she can tell whoever is interviewing her that it's not about her, i
don't buy it) and it is really a girly girl story.

I didn't read it in 2 days but it was light and funny and i even picked up
the following book she "wrote" and i liked that too.

Also i figured out why she picked the boy over the job. Smart move
if you ask me: she did choose the boy because otherwise she would loose
her reality life show, theywouldn't follow her all the way to Paris, i think.
So she came across as a dumb little blond bimbo, but all the time she was
planning to dump the boyanyway and make a huge career for herself and
go live the good life.

Lauren Conrad I applaud you.

Good buy at Walmart for $10, and yes you can give this book to
anybody who is a girl or who wants to be a girl!

Favorite passage in the book;
Your not a total bitch

I would give this book a 7 on our scale of 1 to 10.



  1. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I think I am going to have to add this book to my list. I have had a couple people recommend it now.

  2. Good to meet you and find another bookworm - I always love recommendations!