Saturday, January 8, 2011

Full Dark, No Stars

What better way to start this off with a Stephen King book?!

Full Dark, No Stars is a book with a couple of short stories

1. 1922
2. Big Driver
3. Fair Extension
4. A good Marriage

Of course when i purchased the book i wasn't looking, I
usually go by book cover and name of the writer and didn't
see it were short stories until I was full into the first one...

I'm not good with short stories, I finish them to fast and they
don't last very long in my mind, to many other things going on,
I guess...

The story that did linger in my head was the second one,  Big
Driver.  About Tess a writer who has to give a lecture about her
books and gets directions to do a shortcut in order to get home
sooner to her beloved cat. Of course this goes terribly wrong and
she has to fight for her life.

The story was very twisting, very dark (hehe) and a surprising end
which always amazes me, because after reading maybe 50 Stephen
King books, every time i think i have figured him out.... NOT....

Overall a good buy, maybe a bit to expensive $25.00 but that just
might be because the longer the story the more the price can be
(in my head anyway).

Favorite passage in the book:
"7Up tastes good... like a cigarette should!" It came to her that 
that wasn't right, and even if it was, she should be singing something
better than f*cked-up advertising jingles while she had that pleasing
rasp in her voice; if you were going to be raped and left for dead in
a pipe with two rotting corpses, something good should come out
of it.

I would rate the whole book (all the stories included) a respectable 7.

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