Thursday, January 20, 2011

Calvin & Hobbes

My little sister used to live in England for a couple of years
and one day she brought me a present. It was a comic book
about a little boy and his imaginary friend.
This friend was actually his  stuffed little tiger that he would
drag everywhere and come upon great adventures.

In Holland we didn't really know these cartoons, we had
other Dutch ones but to please my sister i figured i would read
it and see what she was all  heated up about.

We'll i opened the book and could not stop reading and
LAUGHING! Halfway true the middle i was considering:
running to the bathroom because i was about to pee my pants,
pee my pants and deal with it later or just STOP
reading these cartoons!

I made it to the bathroom in time, the trade off was i took my
cartoon with me...

On my birthday last year, or two years ago (getting older yes), i got the whole
series and i have noticed everybody who reads it loves it as much as i do.
Kids, teens and adults. So yes, i could recommend anybody, go online or to
your local Barnes & Noble and get yourself some laughing poison in
the shape of a book.

After all laughing is the best medicine!

And from now on.... hehe.... i will start with a Wordless Wednesday and
post some of my favorite Calvin & Hobbes cartoons...


  1. I absolutely ADORE Calvin and Hobbes. I tried to turn my 8 year old nephew onto it but he was hooked on at 9 years old I saw he had the Calvin and Hobbes book out again...maybe you just need to be older to enjoy them!

  2. Too funny. My 4-H camp counselor had the nickname Hobbs because of her love. She was my first exposure to the comic.

  3. LOVE Calvin and Hobbes - we actaully own all the books!

  4. I LOVE Calvin and Hobbes..I started reading them in college and now my two boys love them too!! I wish he would do more!!:( I miss them so much!