Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Bride Collector

On my way to the DFA meeting in Kansas City i forgot my book.... Sooo, I just had to get a new one, right...?

My eye caught The Bride Collector from Ted Dekker. The name sounded familiar and i thought i had several of his books at home. So my decision was made quickly.

I was a little disappointed by the 7 pages of "readers speak out" section in the beginning of the book, but maybe that is what you need to do these days to sell a book.

I had a rough time the first 50 pages, not because of my flight but because it was a little all over the place with lot's of difficult words and difficult build up of sentences. After the initial hesitation i was happy i stuck to it.  The book is about a virtuoso (yeah that's what i meant with difficult words) killer who is carving a path of death across the west, intent on killing only the most beautiful women. Special Agent Brad Raines is desperate for help and finally ask some of the patients at the Center for Wellness and Intelligence if they can help him find out who the killer is and track him down.

Everybody who is in to detectives or thrillers this is a great buy. It wasn't very expensive i think i paid $7.99 and it is small! So you can take it everywhere!

I would rate this book at an 7. It is good book for on the road, in bed or on an airplane! And of course it looks good on my bookshelf!...

Favorite passage of the book:
I am comfortable with myself, signified by the way i walk so nonchalantly wearing only sweats and a T-shirt. I am nobody. But please, please don't tell anybody.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Real Farmwives of America - The Circle of life

When ever i think of the Circle of life i have a million things on my mind...Everything that has to do with our farm... my friends having babies... my car...yes i know, why car....

let's just say i never want it to die on me...

AND the hungry Caterpillar who eat all true my book!


haha no I'm not gonna do a review, and no I'm not gonna score
it because it is a perfect TEN. And it has everything to do with the Circle of life!

But i am going to ask you to hop over to my farm wives friends and have
a look at their (much better) posts on the circle of life!

click on the link and you can find all the girls (his button thingy is not working for me)!


and you are also welcome at my other blog and read about my experiences with tractors...




Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: my new screensaver!

Yep, i have a new screensaver!

Who's out there in the barn....?

Have a Great Wednesday!!!


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wordless Wednesday, what is "that" up there...

This was one of the beautiful pictures Bastiaan's cousin took on our wedding day.

And it makes you wonder, what excaclty is that orange thing, high up there...

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


Black heels to tractor weels

Soooo, about a month ago me and my girls, Megan, Joni, MaryBeth, Leah,
Cris and Liz went to a book signing! My first EVER book signing! Besides
having a wonderful time with some girl company (which i don't get to often
here at the dairy) it was great to meet a fellow blogging lady who does a
really fantastic job blogging AND telling people about farming. And thus
setting a great example!

If you want to read about our adventures, check out the other
the ladies blogs, they did a great job telling the story (by clicking on
their names)! Also, i never had a book signed by the author him/herself
and it is great to now have one in my collection that is! Thanks Ree!

The book i got is called "Black Heels to Tractor Weels" and it's about
The Pioneer Woman (Ree Drummond) going form city girl, falling in love
with a cowboy, to ranch wife and mother.

Although i really got inspired by Ree, telling us that you should blog about
anything that feels right to you... and so yes, i got writing on
Four Leaf Clover Tales... i had a bit of trouble with the book itself.

Not that it is not good. I thought it was really good, but it was written as 
posts in a blog and a blog is not yet a book.

If you read it as separate post, they are really good, funny and lovable, but
to read it as a whole book in a couple of nights it's kinda storytelling on repeat.
Reading 75 times that her parents are having a hard time,  after the 3th time
(for me anyway) it got a little boring.

BUT if you are a blogger, this book is a must! The pioneer woman is a
gorgeous lady who perfected blogging to the max and i can appreciate that
very much.

The book cost me $25.99 but i think you can get it cheaper at Walmart or Target.

I would rate this book at a 7.5, again, not because i don't like it, but just because
it was meant to be a blog not a book.

Favorite passage of the book...
To Malboro Man, for being mine (i thought that was just soooo sweet!)