Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Black heels to tractor weels

Soooo, about a month ago me and my girls, Megan, Joni, MaryBeth, Leah,
Cris and Liz went to a book signing! My first EVER book signing! Besides
having a wonderful time with some girl company (which i don't get to often
here at the dairy) it was great to meet a fellow blogging lady who does a
really fantastic job blogging AND telling people about farming. And thus
setting a great example!

If you want to read about our adventures, check out the other
the ladies blogs, they did a great job telling the story (by clicking on
their names)! Also, i never had a book signed by the author him/herself
and it is great to now have one in my collection that is! Thanks Ree!

The book i got is called "Black Heels to Tractor Weels" and it's about
The Pioneer Woman (Ree Drummond) going form city girl, falling in love
with a cowboy, to ranch wife and mother.

Although i really got inspired by Ree, telling us that you should blog about
anything that feels right to you... and so yes, i got writing on
Four Leaf Clover Tales... i had a bit of trouble with the book itself.

Not that it is not good. I thought it was really good, but it was written as 
posts in a blog and a blog is not yet a book.

If you read it as separate post, they are really good, funny and lovable, but
to read it as a whole book in a couple of nights it's kinda storytelling on repeat.
Reading 75 times that her parents are having a hard time,  after the 3th time
(for me anyway) it got a little boring.

BUT if you are a blogger, this book is a must! The pioneer woman is a
gorgeous lady who perfected blogging to the max and i can appreciate that
very much.

The book cost me $25.99 but i think you can get it cheaper at Walmart or Target.

I would rate this book at a 7.5, again, not because i don't like it, but just because
it was meant to be a blog not a book.

Favorite passage of the book...
To Malboro Man, for being mine (i thought that was just soooo sweet!)


  1. THANK YOU! I have been waiting to hear what everyone/anyone thought of the actual book. So glad you had such a great experience. Those girl weekends are precious! I miss all mine now! ;-)

  2. I agree 100%! Plus I had read what was on her blog and my personal opinion was there wasn't a whole lot more in the printed book! But I can say I read it and I am glad I did - but as far as a book, not my favorite!

  3. Great review of the book.I must admit though, I laughed and cried while I read it.

  4. I bought it because I really love PW. I haven't read it yet....kinda like having it on my list. She really is funny so maybe I can read it on nights when I can't sleep and just enjoy a chapter at a time!