Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Saving Max

Sometimes I get drawn back to the time i wanted to be a psychotherapist, a nun and even a truck driver...

And i stumble upon a book about a boy who's autistic, smart & emotionally
fragile and all these past occupations that i once wanted to preform, come
rushing back to me.... I get this inner voice (yeah i have one too) that says;
Let's read this book and see how disturbed this is going to get, and maybe
i can fix it, him or the whole world.

Saving Max is a great book, never heard about the author before but she
sounded awfully Dutch!? Antoinette van Heugten. Doesn't that sound
Dutch to you???

Anyway, the book is about a mom who has a teenage son, Max, who is
autistic but very smart. His condition is getting worse and she decides to
get him into this great psychiatric facility but it goes from bad to worse,
until they find Max beside a patient who has been murdered.

Very nice twistings at the end and yes very understandable emotions even
if you are not a mommy yet. But it wasn't a book that i just needed
to finish in two days, you can put it away and be happy the next day to
read a couple of pages more.

The book was about $15.00 at Kroger's and that sounds about right to me.

Favorite passage of the book;
Doaks stomps toward the door, muttering. "Women... Didn't God have
nothin' better to do?"

Hmm I had to think about what grade I would give this novel: A respectable
7, maybe I'm gonna read it again when I'm a mommy and it will turn into
an 8...?

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