Friday, February 11, 2011

I am number four

I saw this commercial on TV for a movie called, I am number four, and
the song for this commercial is one of my new favorite songs; This is war
from 30 Seconds to Mars. So when i walked into Walmart
last weekend i really didn't have a choice besides checking out... which
resulted in... buying this book!

 I know I know, the commercial was for the movie, not the book, but
since Bastiaan and I go so often (read almost NEVER) to the movies
I figured it was best to give myself a new little present. And just play the
song very loud, over and over again on my way back from Walmart
after buying the book.

So you can understand what's coming now, I got the book last weekend
and I'm writing about it now, so.... that meant, I really liked it.

It's really a book up my alley, funny, scary, strange, romantic, suspense
and all that good stuff. It's about a young man, to be specific, John a 15 year
old alien from the planet Lorien, and his guardian, Henri, as they run from the
Mogadorians, another race of aliens that are hunting down John and the
other 8 teenage Loriens living on Earth. John, the young man gets tired of
running and in the same time he develops special powers he meets this
lovely joung girl... ahhhhh... so sweet!

It's not all sweet, but I'm not gonna tell you about that, just buy the book
for your teenage kids, cousin, grandchild, kid's friends and read it before
you give it away!

The book was around 12 dollars, and it has a nice cover and  has a special
side (words on the side of the book), which I think is very "cool".

I would rate the book a good 7.5 because after all, I'm not a teen no more...

Favorite passage of the book:
"When you have lost hope, you have lost everything. And when you think
all is lost, when all is dire and bleak, there is always hope."

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