Sunday, February 6, 2011

Under The Dome

I also really wanted this book...
First because it is a Stephen King, second because, it's
HUGE and it would look sooooo good on my bookshelf!!!

So, right after it was put on the shelf at Walmart, i went and
got myself a little present! Under The Dome by Stephen
King.  And no, i didn't read it in 3 days because it is really
huge. 1072 pages to be exact.  I'm not good with inches but it really is 3
centimeter high if you lay it flat on the table. Such a big and heavy book is
hard to read in bed, your arm and hands are in for a real workout the whole
time your reading!

And the great part was as big as it is, it is as good!!! it didn't feel like a 1072
page book, because every chapter had something interesting in it and because
of all the different characters, you get a real good insight in what is going on
under that dome.

The book is about a small town in Maine, surrounded by an invisible
force field. The people inside must do whatever they can to survive. The situation
deteriorates rapidly due to the dome's ecological effects and some people inside
like the idea of having an isolated populace to dominate. Of course there
are good guys and girls, that do not appreciate that and get in action to
stop the bad guys from making a bigger mess of what is already a huge mess.

Maybe I'm a bit bias because i already love Stephen King, but if your not a
fan (yet), this is as good as any story to begin with. It has all the elements, love
hate, faith, suspense, hope and everything in between and i think as a reader
you can't ask for more.

The book cost me i think, $21.00 but again, it is 1072 pages... hehe...

I would rate this book a 9. Like i said, it's big, its interesting and
your get a workout!

You can really give it to anybody who likes good stories, but it don't
matter if they are into romance books, like suspense books or comical
books, I'll say it again; it has it all.

Favorite passage of the book, hmmm that is a hard one to answer...
Its been a while since i read it and i didn't fold the pages like i
do now to remember where my favorite parts are...

Maybe i will tell you whenever i read it again!?!

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